When I first moved to Stuttgart, Philip was one of the first people I met. He worked with me at Theaterhaus Stuttgart and we clicked right away. Philip is an easy going guy. He keeps to himself, but has a great sense of humor and is very creative. The first thing I noticed was his English. Even though he is German, he has quite an impressive vocabulary and even has the American slang down. Not to mention his impressive knowledge of Reggae and Hip Hop music. I had to step it up…..you know… me being from Brooklyn and all.


Philip and I have worked together on every ballet I ever made. My first choreographies for stage were made with him. As well as my first collaborative art installations. He is a great artist. I value his opinion and love his taste. Philip is not your ordinary contemporary ballet composer. He has a strong Hip Hop background and freak sense of rhythm. His urban flavor influences his ballet compositions. Which makes for a beautiful interesting blend of rhythm and emotion. I always loved that about Philip. When I have music that makes me want to dance, it is easier to choreograph. We always found interesting projects to work on. Philip is always hungry to push our limits and try new things. We have this in common. We would meet in his studio and dream up crazy musical ideas and he was always as excited as I was. We made so many great pieces. We are the perfect team.


As a sound Engineer Philip is excellent.  This was clear when I came back to Stuttgart for the Dance and Music Gala 4 in Theaterhaus. I was happy to hear that Philip would be working the sound. When I got there, I gave Philip a CD for my new piece “Housed” with my finished tracks, and then went on stage to do lighting and placing. Philip put on his headphones and went to work right away Philip cut, cleaned and mastered my track, in the 30 minutes during my lighting rehearsal. When It was time for me to show him a cue… He nailed it on the first take…. I was like Damnnnnnnn! I forgot how tight he was! I guess I was too used to it when I worked there. When Philip played my music for the first run-through, I couldn’t believe it was the track I  had just gave him. All this without me saying a word to him…..except at the end when I said thank you!


Philip is from Stuttgart, Germany. After studying drums and percussion-instruments at an early age, Philip graduated in 2006 as an sound-engineer. He works with many different musicians, producers and choreographers which has led to musical-creations for contemporary dance productions, installations, exhibitions, and numerous Hip Hop and Reggae productions and recordings. Known for his attention to detail, Philip has also worked very closely with other artists like producer Portformat. Philip is currently an audio-engineer at the Theaterhaus Stuttgart.


As of 2011, Philip is also the artistic and technical director of the Outer Rim Stuttgart – Kunst im Club arts events, where he artistically supervises all technically ambitious productions and projects. He was a part of the team that created this event. I have been to the Kunst im Klub festival and it is amazing! He premiered all of our installations at this festival. It really is a unique arts event showing new work from many great artists. With live performances as well!  It is great for inspiration. What that festival has grown to become is incredible.


Philip is one of my best friends in Europe. I am lucky to be surrounded by great artists. I cant believe that it has been a little over 6 years ago since we started to create. Today, I am still his biggest fan.



When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? Did you always want to do what you’re doing now?

Basically yes. Music, instruments, sound-machines with faders, buttons and speakers were a very early passion of mine, and became my life and my job.

Philip’s Favortie Things


Things to eat?



Mister Aufziehvogel (Murakami)


ONE of my problems: I can’t remember movie titles…


It’s impossible for me to answer this one, sorry.

I like dancers who…

…can express authentic musicality and a divine sense of rythm through their movement.

I am afraid of…

…being deaf and blind.

 A dance piece should…

…focus on what it is.

Something you like to do other than producing music?

Currently I’m having fun running a small but very nice urban art gallery for Outer Rim in Stuttgart-West with a great team. I also like to just relax and chill out from time to (very long) time, go to the sauna or hang out with friends – work isn’t everything. Realizing you have that partner, friends, artists and family in your life who make you unstoppable.

One of your most unusual or coolest experiences?

30 years and you’re asking for ONE experience… hmm, recording or working with artists you’ve been a fan of for many years is a cool experience; doing the Kunst im Club Festival last summer was crazy! Presenting our installation “HEART” to my crew was a very special and intense moment!

One of the most embarrassing moments in your professional career?

hmm, playing a bad booking with the wrong band for the wrong public, making a huge technical mistake on a festival stage, while about 3000 people are waiting for the show to continue, skipping vinyls or crashing computers during a show…?! – i don’t know, it’s been a few years.

Who has been the most influential person/people in your life? or Career? and why?

My girl Lena. Love is the basis, inspiration, peace..

One of the hardest things about your job?

hmm, maybe social incompatibility by being on tour, spending nights in the studio and so on… plus a difficult music market and dangerous price dumping of too many “creative working” people in this business.

Three words to describe yourself….

deep, calm, straight.

Are there any goals you would still like to accomplish?

a lot! – while feeling blessed what has already come my way… it just started!

Dear aspiring artists,

Stay focused.

–Philip Kannicht

Photo Journal


Phillip Kannicht @ Interview En L'air-armando braswell

Photo by: Niklas Salewski

Photo: Frederik Grötschel Photography

Photo by Frederik Grötschel Photography

Phillip Kannicht @ Interview En L'air-armando braswell

Hanging pictures with graffiti-artist Phixe 21 at the Outer Rim Stuttgart gallery for his current exhibition (dec ’13 / jan ’14).

Phillip Kannicht @ Interview En L'air-armando braswell

“On The Run” – Dance performance & Sound installation by Armando Braswell & Philip Kannicht 2011.

Phillip Kannicht @ Interview En L'air-armando braswell

Philip and I. Bulgaria, National Opera 2009.

More info on Philip at www.knncht-prod.de.  Or check him out on Facebook! Do you know Philip? Share your stories in the comments below!

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Main photo: “HEART” – Kinetic Sculpture by Armando Braswell, Joachim Riederer, Philip Kannicht and Permi Jhooti @ Kunst im Club Festival 2013.

Photo: Susann Meissner Photodesign

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