As the creator of Interview En L’Air Armando Braswell said he is open to any musical genre, this month i will take him at his word, make it a throwback-day and just drop this raw hip hop instrumental i’ve created around 10 years ago: 2 turntables and a battle-mixer, sample loops and cuts of a Benny Goodman record, drum samples of a Korg Electribe, all into my stone-age Logic 5.5 – #nerdstuff

This track was once used for a nice Recap-Video of the exhibition by graffiti-artist Phixe21 at Outer Rim Stuttgart Gallery in 2013, where i was playing a instrumental-set at the opening event:


As the music for the Video-Teaser of this exhibition was also created by Knncht-Prod., i’d also love to share this with you here:

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