The interactive installation HeartLand connects man and technology and invites a simultaneous dialogue between audience and machine. The heart beat, of a maximum of six visitors at the same time, is recorded and mirrored back into the HeartLand in the form of sounds, images and light reflections, simply by placing your middle finger gently on a sensor. From the moment of the first touch, your heart beats will start to form a direct and irreversible connection with your fellow connected and disconnected human beings and the adiovisual environment in which you are. In this man-machine encounter the principle applies that action and inaction is reflected always in the world.

HeartLand is an installation by Permi Jhooti [concept/interactive programming], Dirk Koy [visuals], Philip Kannicht [sounds], Lukas Wiedmer [lights] and Fabio Masini [table design]. HeartLand was originally created and premiered at the HeartBasel’17 festival-exhibition.

At Interview En L’Air Radio you can now listen to Knncht-Prod’s ambient sounds of the HeartLand installation:

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