A musical recommendation from my work as a mixing-engineer: Portformat – Entropy

Around 5 years ago i’ve finished mixing an outstanding producer-album called Entropy by Portformat, which was then released in summer 2012 on Tokyo Dawn Records.

As Portformat gave a well-conceived and finished production to my hands, throughout with high quality vocal-recordings and –performances (nope, will not do a detailed technical report about the mixing process here), it’s been a great pleasure working on this album, which I still have to warmly recommend five years after it’s release!

“Entropy is a measure of uncertainty leading to a lower level of information. The eighteen stories of love and life featured on Portformat’s new album aim for exactly that, asking you to listen closer to your instincts and follow your dreams. Elegantly combining R&B, hip hop and electronics, the dream world of ‘Entropy’ takes the listener on a mysterious trip towards inner space. Fellow dream chasers on this space ride include TDR vocalists such as Alicia Renee, Amalia, Colonel Red, Dudley Perkins, Eagle Nebula, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Stan Smith and other very special guests. So buckle up and get ready to explore the entropy with us!” (www.tokyodawn.net)


Here is one of my favourite songs of the album (one of the few uploaded in full length to soundcloud by the record-label):



In numbers:

Entropy features 17 international guest-artists on a heavy-weight 18-tracks-longplayer.

Also if you’re not so much into rap-music (which makes 5 songs of the album), Entropy also delivers 10 impressive tracks featuring superb singers, plus 3 class-A instrumental-tracks – a versatile set of songs, definitely worth to check out!




All tracks written and performed by Ibrahima m’Bodji | Mixing by Philip Kannicht | Mastering by Fabien Schivre | Design by Erjee Vroling | A&R by Marc Wallowy | Copyright © 2012 Tokyo Dawn Records – All rights reserved


After the publication of Entropy and a long journey through different genres, Portformat – nowadays based in Berlin – decided to treat a whole new path and is currently producing and releasing Techno-Music, under his artist’s name Eonan.



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