Emily Adams is a Principal ballerina with Ballet West in Salt Lake City, Utah. Ethereal, expressive and humble, she is a gorgeous person both on the stage and off. Her creativity and compassion sparked the conception of an amazing new clothing line, State of Bodhi. Co-created with her fellow Yogi and friend, their line is eco-friendly, unique, charitable, versatile, comfortable and personally speaking, pretty darn sexy. When you look good, you feel good, and when you know the clothes on your body are helping the planet, changing the face of the fashion industry and also flattering your figure, you feel awesome. Emily was gracious enough to answer a few questions about State of Bodhi.

How did you decide on the brand name?

Bodhi is a Sanskrit term referring to an awakening to the true nature of things. We pronounce the company name like body, so it has a double meaning. We chose this company name because we liked how it could encompass what our lifestyle brand is all about. Compassion toward oneself and others reflect the ethical and charitable components, being comfortable and confident in your body are manifested in the versatile and movement inspired designs and being mindful of the earth as a whole through our eco friendly cloths.

What was your inspiration for the brand?

Basically, Marcia and I met through yoga and noticed we were living in our yoga clothes. We were tired of looking like we had just come from the gym and thought it would be great to find clothes as comfortable and convenient as typical activewear, but more flattering and versatile. I love traditional garments from around the world like harem pants and dhoti salwars, but also have a lot of experience with dancewear obviously. The line is a reflection of that, and the company as a whole is a reflection of how inspired I feel in general. I have had a beautiful career at Ballet West so far, and have been given so many opportunities to explore different roles, challenge and express myself. I think this company is a way to carry that feeling into another aspect of my life, but in a way that is a little less focused on myself.

What was your biggest challenge/discovery?

One challenge has just been navigating an industry that is new to me and that is very set in its’ ways. Fortunately, I think ethical and eco- friendly fashion is growing as consumers become more concerned with how and where their purchases are made. I have a new appreciation for the people who make clothes, pattern makers and seamstresses, etc. There is an art to garment construction that I had not been aware of until I started working on this project.

What are your individuals tasks as co-creators?

As the co-creator of SOB, I design the clothing, test it, source materials and supplies, create concepts for the website, photoshoots and other marketing materials, etc. My business partner, Marcia, is going to be the head of our outreach and charitable giving programs.

What do you see in the future for the fashion industry? How does State of Bodhi play a part?

I think that the industry is moving away from unethical, fast fashion trends and moving in the direction of mindfulness. I hope to be a part of this. Our goal is that our company will have a positive impact on as many people as possible. We’ll start by selling our rugs (more info on the website about these) and 100% of the proceeds go to local and international organizations that help people lead healthier and more empowered lives. We hope that this aspect of our business will expand over time. That’s our goal!! Hopefully, we can expand by selling our garments around the world.

Who are you hoping to market to?

Right now, we are marketing to women of all shapes and sizes who want to be comfortable and chic. We will start selling menswear in the Spring/Summer of 2017.

How can we buy your awesome products?

Our website www.stateofbodhi.com and we are accepting pre-orders. All pre-orders are discounted. At this time, we are only shipping to the U.S. and Canada, but once we have items in stock we’d love to expand to serve international customers if there is interest.

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I’m so proud and excited to support my friend and entrepreneur. I love to see fashion moving forward in the right direction! Check out their website and blog, I promise you won’t be disappointed.. my pointe exactly !