Armando takes a moment to speak with fresh faced Caribbean-American entertainer, Mo Brown, and speak about her new variety entertainment comedy and hosting show, “Mo Brown’s Bodega”.

What is Mo Browns Bodega?

Mo Brown’s Bodega is a variety entertainment comedy and hosting show where Entertainer Mo Brown takes us on a journey where funny meets fabulous as she navigates the world through the most absurd situations and most extreme personalities. Mo Brown works at her family’s bodega dealing with the everyday happenings at the shop but really has dreams of being an Entertainer. Brown’s dreams cause her to retreat into her imagination just to get through the day with a combination of sketches, man on the street interviews, spoofs, satire, music videos, hosting segments and instant pet peeves.

Why are you doing this?

Well…In 2006 I performed in Macbeth touring with The Classical theater of Harlem dancing to the beat of the african drums with adrenaline pumping so hard that we would jump of the stages in the parks and dance in the audience. Bodies painted, hair wild, stage combat training that would have us so excited to jump and scream and dance til our mouths were dry with our hearts so full. In that City Parks summer show run, I tore my meniscus with scared tissue, swelling and fear of getting the surgery to fix it. I walked with a cane for months and couldn’t travel abroad at the time to perform for fear that my dance career would be cut short as a choreographer because I aggravated the injury living in New York City. Train station steps, concrete pavements, hosting university shows and concerts with constant on the go performing… (not to mention HEELS) had me depressed that I couldn’t fully live the life of my dreams with an injury. So I decided to hone in on my crafts and focus on the things that I could do to turn my life around. I couldn’t and can’t imagine my life any other way then being what I am…an Entertainer. I am a host, voice over and recording artist, actress, film director, producer and content creator. So I worked through the injuries and auditioned, cried, filmed and did test shoots, had sleepless nights with long rehearsals, won awards and worked even harder to prove myself worthy til no end. I would teach, coach, and work to master my crafts, get booked and then still get over looked, underbooked and disrespected. You get told that you can’t do everything and it’s not possible. One day I couldn’t take it anymore and I began to write down all of the things that happened to me over the years and took all of the no’s and turned them into my YES by creating a variety show where I can do ALL OF THE THINGS THAT I LOVE INTO ONE and create undeniable content. Mo Brown’s Boega allows me to be free in my craft, gives opportunities to others and with feel good entertainment after a long day of work and school. I live, love, eat, sleep and breathe this craft and I understand that I have a gift and I must share it with the world no matter the challenge. There’s always something better in the works if you allow it to be without fear. Trusting may be hard but it was a must for me and I turned it into something that can live on.


Hardships you face doing this show?

With a great team and support… we were able to overcome the challenges that came our way. While filming, the bodega that we were shooting in shut down in the middle of the season! Talk about madness. They are now building high rise buildings and there’s no more Bodega culture left on Washington Ave. in Brooklyn. Sad. But the biggest of them all was me having Fibroid surgery before the show release. To have to rest while you’re hot within your project is always mind boggling and can fill you with anxiety. A good support system of loving friends and family and trusting your team is important! So I would have to say that the ability to trust has been my lesson this season.

What do you need to keep this going?

To keep Mo Brown’s Bodega going I would need exposure through arts & entertainment outlets and magazines as well as fashion and brand integration. I must also honestly say that support is definitely needed as a women in this male dominated industry.

What are your dreams?

What are my dreams… well that’s a loaded question. I usually don’t share my dreams because they are sacred and mine to protect as I live them through but I will say that I am working towards becoming one of the greatest Entertainer Producers creating the best content that makes people FEEL something. Films, television shows, music videos, voice overs, and content that moves the world. It’s okay to dream BIG because dreams do come true! Everyday!

Something you would change about the industry?

Sexual advances, sexism and to give the real talents a chance to shine within their craft and to not have real talent overlooked.

Something you like to do other than what you do now?

Hmmm…. that’s a hard question. I like to eat… lol!!! I LOVE good food so cooking is something that I enjoy.

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Thank you Mo for sharing your thoughts and time with us!