What is Loop Tanz?

Loop Tanz is a Dance collective of us three as choreographers created to present our work in the region of Basel. Loop Tanz runs on a yearly continuation, where each one of us presents a new choreography in the same evening. 

Right now we are in the middle of the creative process of our next production Loop Tanz II where all three pieces are linked into one common theme “relationships” 

Last year Neuestheater in Dornach gave us the opportunity to premiere our first evening in their beautiful and modern Theater and we are very exited about our next premiere in September 9th 2017.


What do you think makes Loop Tanz different? 

Our union offers to the public three different styles and visions under the same evening. We are very determined in presenting quality, variety and innovation that we believe enriches the project and doesn’t let people indifferent.

Also having a yearly continuation dance performance give us the opportunity to grow and develop as choreographers sharing this evolution with the public making them part of this journey. 


Tell me more about the topic that you have in the three pieces for Loop Tanz II?

For Loop Tanz II we decided to bring a common theme for the three pieces to highlight our personalities and particular way of working. We believe that  “relationships”, our chosen topic for this evening, is a very actual and interesting subject in our society and therefor our audience can relate to it. And even if the three pieces are talking about relationship we could see from the very first moment how different approaches and type of relationships we are interested in presenting in Loop Tanz II 

What do you each bring to the group?

We are very different and similar at the same time. Each person has their own qualities that make the group stronger and diverse; for example Debora has a strong resolve, Javier is very energetic and full of ideas and Sol is very good at organizing and putting things together. We complement, understand and help each other very well. 


Where do you hope to go with Loop?

We hope to go on developing our work and present every year our personal evolution as artists and expand Loop Tanz into different venues of Switzerland and abroad. 


How can someone support Loop Tanz? 

Three ways you can supports us: 

 1) Firstly coming to see one of the shows on September 9th/ 10th/ 14th /15th/ 16th

2) Taking part in the Loop Tanz workshop and open doors work in progress performance on the Loop Tanz that will be held on 10th of June (Workshop from 16.00 to 18.30, Performance Work in Progress at 19.00 followed by Q & A with Armando Braswell) at Neuestheater, Dornach 

 3) Following us in the social media to be informed of our upcoming projects!  

Like us on facebook Loop Tanz. 

 If you would like further information of this workshop or information on purchasing tickets for Loop Tanz II please visit looptanz.ch  or neuestheater.ch 

We hope to see you in one of our shows!!

Debora, Sol and Javier

For more information on Loop Tanz please visit www.looptanz.ch . I hope to see you all there 🙂