Richards new piece is premiering on September 20th. I had a chance to go in and check out a run-through. Lots of energy in the room! Check it out

Video by Armando Braswell

More info on the production and how to get your tickets:


An evening of dance by Richard Wherlock with music by The Velvet Underground

For Richard Wherlock a family is an equation with many variables, a very special system of which almost countless examples exist and which can be regarded as one of society’s oldest institutions.   Being related may be a question of biology but being a family is entirely a matter of culture. It is the place where everything originates in which everything happens in microcosm. In this experiment Richard Wherlock presents a family – father, mother, three children – who illustrate a series of scenarios of community and antagonism between the poles of authority and rebellion, between supervision and exclusion. Here the stage of the Kleine Bühne is turned into an imaginary home that is transformed and developed before our eyes in the course of this evening of dance.

The Velvet Underground was an experimental rock band founded in New York City in 1964. With Lou Reed as singer and guitarist, the band was managed by the pop art artist Andy Warhol, who produced its debut album and with its banana image created one of the most famous record covers in the history of rock music. With lyrics that were highly provocative for their time The Velvet Underground enjoyed little commercial success during the period of its existence but is now regarded as an influential icon of rock.

Our Last video was featured in 20Minutes Basel Magazine!!!: