An inside look into the Dancelab 8 production at Theater Basel. Here the dancers are allowed to create and present their own choreographies. The realization of your own choreographic works is an important experience for young artists on the way to creative maturity. The DanceLab takes this circumstance into account and offers dancers of the ensemble the opportunity to experiment with choreography. Abstract movement studies, associative motion pictures or short, moving stories can emerge. To what extent the young choreographers want to break with old viewing habits or refer to traditions or cultural prescriptions in their approximately ten-minute plays is left to them themselves. This creates a kaleidoscope of contemporary creative thought, ranging from first-time works to tried-and-tested further developments to remarkable experiments, offering the audience a surprising and varied dance evening.

Choreographies of:

Rubén Bañol Herrera

Sol Bilbao Lucuix

Armando Braswell

Luna Bustinduy Mertens

Andrea Tortosa Vidal

Max Zachrisson


A big thank you to Rubén Bañol Herrera for making this video!

Featuring the dancers of Ballet Theater Basel

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