Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Bryan moved with his family to New York City at the age of nine. While growing up Bryan was exposed to many urban and social dance styles, receiving his formal dance training at La Guardia High School for the Performing Arts.

As a dancer, Bryan went on to perform with Complexions Contemporary Ballet, before moving to Holland to join The Netherlands Dance Theater (NDT), and most recently over the past four years with Crystal Pite’s company Kidd Pivot. He has originated roles in and performed in works by notable choreographers including Jirí Kylián, Ohad Naharin and Crystal Pite.

As a choreographer, Bryan is the recipient of the First Place and Audience Choice awards for his work ‘Without Notice’ at the Sixth Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (CICC), winner of the Hubbard Street Dance International Commission Project, and the Northwest Dance Project Choreographic Residency award. Bryan was invited to create a new work for Springboard Dance Montreal by artistic director Alexandra Wells. He has choreographed for dancers at the Juilliard School, Hubbard Street 2, NDT’s “Switch,” Ballet Vorpommern (Germany), and The Scottish Ballet. With upcoming commissions for  Netherlands Dance Theater 2, and Tanz Lucerne Theater (Switzerland) in 2016.

In November of 2013 Bryan debuted the ARIAS Company based in New York City with his full-evening production ‘a place where something flourishes’, reviewed as “finely crafted, and expertly danced.” The company has performed internationally at festivals such as Festival Siquientescena (Mexico), Pietrasanta Music Festival (Italy), CICC (Copenhagen), and Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur (Quebec, Canada).

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your background?

I am a native of Puerto Rico and raised by my mother who was born in El Salvador. I grew up in New York City and discovered art early in my life through the public school education system. Which sadly can no longer be said. I gained enough skill to be accepted into La Guardia Performing Arts, where I took my dancing to new heights through the guidance of incredible instructors and mentors. Upon graduation I began my career as a member of North Carolina Dance Theater 2 and went on to dance with Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Netherlands Dance Theater and currently I am a member of Crystal Pite’s Kidd Pivot.

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Why did you stop dancing full time and start your company?

I stopped dancing full time when I no longer felt “connected”. To me, the main reason of being an artist is to connect to people, the world. When I feel this is stagnant or not in my control it’s because something needs to change or evolve.  For me, that evolution led to a freelance career where I search to be part of something meaningful and purposeful. A consistent sense of fulfillment through my experiences. I started my own company as a natural evolution of this artistic journey. The depths in which I find myself connecting to an audience now is greater through creating my own work.

Tell me about your company? What makes it different?

ARIAS Company is a world I created and a place I can offer artist to inhabit with me. The work speaks to and from the heart. It is a reminder of what is important and reflects on the experiences that mold our personality and view of the world. It is poetry of my immediate reality. Different in that it is about me and the artist involved. Enough said, it is dance, you have to see it.

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What goals do you hope to achieve with this group?

I am blessed to work with the group of artist I have. My only goal at the moment is to share the work we create with many.

Something the audience doesn’t know about you?

We share the same dream.

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If you could change one thing in the dance world what would it be?

The lack of resources for aspiring dancers and choreographers.

in the real world?

More art in schools.

 A shout out to those who have helped you along the way, anyone in particular?

Too many to name, some I’ve met in my travels, others I’ve only read about. They know who they are and I love them. One in particular who instilled important values and morals which without I would have led many opportunities gone by… Mom.

Bryan Arias_Interview En L'air

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